Member Stories

 “Getting to Know You”

This is the first in a series of brief biographies of OSRS members. Written by Nancy Whelan with the help of members who have volunteered to tell their stories.

Rick Treby

I was born and grew up in Vancouver. I had my own business in the hauling of private trailers to various destinations and I spent many years as a paramedic in Vancouver. I now live in Parksville.

Rick Treby

On February 22nd, 2017 I had a stroke, and spent four months in rehab at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. A friend at OSRS told me about the Society and I joined right after leaving the hospital. My wife, Jean, drives me to the OSRS meetings at St. Columba Hall on Friday mornings.

These regular meetings with other stroke survivors, the therapists, our caregivers, and the cheerful volunteers help me quite a bit with my recovery. The sessions have improved my attitude and helped me feel more positive. I like the sharing of everything. Others have seen changes and it’s encouraging.

I recommend the Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society and I’ve left positive word about its help at NRGH. I encourage others to join us; some have – coming all the way from Chemainus. I just have to say I like it – the socialization, and I do enjoy the art therapy.

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Rick Treby