The Handy Board

The Handy Board, a few pictures describe how the board is used. One end has raised strips to hold bread and toast for buttering with one hand. The other end has sharp tines to impale fruit, vegetables, etc. securely for slicing or peeling with one hand. I wish to thank both Windsor Plywood and Parksville Home Building Centre for the wood donations used to make the “Handy Boards”.

The boards were treated with two coats of Lemon Oil. Do not use a vegetable oil as in time it will go rancid. A coating of beeswax is ideal.   Enjoy! Rick Turner

  • Tines holding potato in place for peeling or slicing.
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Merry Christmas!

Scott gets a big kiss from Marie

This year’s Christmas party was a great success! 85 attended the fundraising event, 58 raffle baskets were given away and 38 silent auction items were sought after. Scott Tanner won the Semi-Demi raffle and then in the true Christmas spirit graciously donated the money back to OSRS.  Thank you, Scott!  Kudos to Bernice Prier who organized the large food

Vera with her Bear

basket raffle. Winner Walter Schultz will be cooking up some fine meals.

Kathleen did an outstanding job of Mistress of Ceremonies as well as co-ordinating our party with her team of elves. The turkey dinner was arranged with Quality Foods and served in fine style by the many Bradley Centre volunteers. Thanks to all who help co-ordinate and assist at the event!

Kathleen made a special presentation to member Vera Grant. A fur teddy bear fashioned from a fur coat that belonged to Vera was given. Bear was made by our own Beverly Kettlewell.

Marie Randall, Kathleen Falvai and June Wood

June Wood from Smart Move presented a very generous cheque, a percentage of sales made through the Smart Move Liquidation Centre this year. Oceanside Stroke Recovery is June’s favourite charity! Thank you, June!

Merry Christmas and enjoy the pics!




  • Kathleen


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St. Mark's Community Fair Donation

For 45 years, St. Mark’s Community Fair has supported the Oceanside area. Net proceeds from the Fair are donated to community organizations. Once again, Oceanside Stroke Recovery Society was presented with a generous donation by Denise Mottle from St. Mark’s Women Guild. Many of our members were on hand for the presentation at Tree’s Restaurant.

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November Lunch

November 30, 2018 was the 334th day of the year and many of our members came together to enjoy lunch at the Bradley Centre. As always, the Bradley Centre volunteers prepared and served a nutritious lunch. Thank you to all of those special people who are part of this wonderful monthly event.

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The Wrap Up

At the annual Wrap Up, Santa’s elves enjoyed a delish pot luck dinner before getting to work and wrapping up gift baskets for the annual Oceanside Stroke Recovery Christmas party scheduled for Friday, December 14, 10:30 a.m. at the Bradley Centre. There is a wonderful assortment of giveaways to choose from. The elves are looking forward to seeing everyone at this extraordinary festive occasion.  Thank you to the elves that helped with the wrap up – Kathy E, Marie, Bev, Bonnie, Anne Q, Anne V, Sandra D, Bernice, Suzanne and mj. Thanks to Kathleen for hosting.

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Celebrating 80

The Birthday Girl

To celebrate Bernice’s 80th birthday, her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren provided the supplies for a grand lunch for all of the members of OSRS on Friday. Members who assisted in the sandwich making, veggie tray and fruit tray arranging were Bernice, Suzanne, Bonnie, Beverly, and Kathleen. Delicious squares and pastries rounded out the lunch which was greatly enjoyed by all.

We enjoyed meeting Kelly MacKenzie, the new coordinator from the Comox Valley Stroke Recovery Group who joined us at our Friday meeting.


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Song Birds Sing

Kudos to Kathleen for organizing the Song Birds performance. The conductor of this wonderful choir is Lynn Beamond. Thanks to Lynn and the choir for providing a wonderful interlude at our Friday meeting.

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100 Years

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of Canada’s role in the First World War. When war was declared by Britain in 1914, Prime Minister Robert Borden offered Great Britain Canada’s support, Canada was at war! The Canadian Regular Force consisted of 3,110 men and a Navy. Within a few weeks of war being declared there were 32,000 Canadian volunteers headed for training. The first Canadian troops arrived in France in December 1914 and saw battle near Ypres Salient.

For a nation of eight million people, Canada’s war effort was remarkable. Over 650,000 Canadian men and women served in uniform during the First World War, with more than 66,000 giving their lives and over 172,000 more being wounded. Nearly one of every ten Canadians who fought in the war did not return.

It was the Canadian war record that won for Canada a separate signature on the Peace Treaty signifying the national status had been achieved. Nationhood was purchased for Canada by the gallant troops who stood fast at Ypres, stormed Regina Trench, climbed the heights of Vimy Ridge, captured Passchendaele and entered Mons on November 11, 1918.

For all of the sacrifices made by these brave Canadians, we are a nation who will never forget.

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Halloween 2018

38 fun-loving members showed up for lunch at the British Bobby, many dressed in Halloween costume! Even Super Woman made an appearance. The prizes for the 2 best costumes went to “Cat Woman” and “The Scream”. Everyone enjoyed lunch and the British Bobby staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating. The Halloween decorations at the restaurant were over the top!



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October 12, 2018

Today’s meeting was jammed packed! Our personal pharmacist Mel Azcarraga from The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in Parksville was on hand to administer flu shots to our folks.

Some were brave

some courageous

some heroic

some adventurous

some fearless

And some wimps


Theresa Coridor provided a very active exercise program today and was joined by special guest Michelle Stilwell who participated in the exercise therapy as well. Michelle reminded us that every movement counts in maintaining our fitness level.

Our guest speaker today was Marjorie Driscoll from the Workability Customize Work Program here in Oceanside. This program provides the opportunity for young people to learn without boundaries and to reshape their perception of their ability to work. The work program has two locations for their workers – 2nd Chance Thrift Store and The Pie Factory. Both are popular with our community. Check out The Pie Factory’s list of savory and fruit pies. To top of her presentation, Marjorie shared The Pie Factory apple scones. Delish!

Once again Oceanside Stroke Recovery members are overwhelmed with the folks that live in our community and make it a better place.

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